3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  C Whitehall-Yearling vs. Massillon
  Date: Nov 09, 2018 • Site: Mansfield, OH

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
C-whall 1-10on C-whall21Start of 3rd quarter, clock 12:00, C-WHALL ball on C-WHALL40.
Josh Carchune kickoff 40 yards to the MASS20, Preston Hodges return 6 yards to the MASS26 (S-B Singleton), PENALTY MASS holding (Jerron Hodges) 10 yards to the MASS16, 1st and 10, MASS ball on MASS16.
Mass 1-10on Mass16MASSILLON drive start at 11:54.
Mass 1-10on Mass16Jamir Thomas rush for 2 yards to the MASS18 (Keon Freeman).
Mass 2-8on Mass18TEAM rush for loss of 8 yards to the MASS10, fumble by TEAM recovered by C-WHALL S-B Singleton at MASS10, S-B Singleton for 10 yards to the MASS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:11.
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 6 yards, TOP 0:43
C-whall 1-Gon Mass03Timeout C Whitehall-Yearling, clock 11:11.
Raymell Byrd rush attempt good.
C Whitehall-Yearling 17, Massillon 17
Josh Carchune kickoff 38 yards to the MASS22, out-of-bounds, MASS ball on MASS35.
Mass 1-10on Mass35MASSILLON drive start at 11:11.
Mass 1-10on Mass35Jamir Thomas rush for 2 yards to the MASS37 (Termir Allen).
Mass 2-8on Mass37Zach Catrone pass complete to Aydrik Ford for loss of 1 yard to the MASS36.
Mass 3-9on Mass36Zach Catrone pass incomplete to Dean Clark.
Mass 4-9on Mass36Dean Clark punt 44 yards to the C-WHALL20, C Gordon return -3 yards to the C-WHALL17 (Seth Jefferson).
 Drive: 3 plays, 1 yard, TOP 1:15
C-whall 1-10on C-whall17C WHITEHALL-YEARLING drive start at 09:56.
C-whall 1-10on C-whall17Isaiah Oney rush for 5 yards to the C-WHALL22 (Kameron Simpson).
C-whall 2-5on C-whall22Raymell Byrd rush for 7 yards to the C-WHALL29, 1ST DOWN C-WHALL (Nakoa Keefer;Preston Hodges).
C-whall 1-10on C-whall29Raymell Byrd pass incomplete to Chris Ceasar.
C-whall 2-10on C-whall29C Gordon rush for 4 yards to the C-WHALL33 (Ben Krichbaum;Dean Clark).
C-whall 3-6on C-whall33PENALTY MASS Encroachment (Emanuel McElroy) 5 yards to the C-WHALL38.
C-whall 3-1on C-whall38Raymell Byrd rush for 2 yards to the C-WHALL40, 1ST DOWN C-WHALL (Deon Williams).
C-whall 1-10on C-whall40PENALTY C-WHALL unsportsmanlike conduct (John Stuckey) 15 yards to the C-WHALL25.
C-whall 1-25on C-whall251st and 10.
C-whall 1-10on C-whall25Raymell Byrd rush for loss of 3 yards to the C-WHALL22 (Kyshad Mack).
C-whall 2-13on C-whall22W Blackshear rush for 4 yards to the C-WHALL26 (Kameron Simpson;Cameron Sunkle).
C-whall 3-9on C-whall26Raymell Byrd rush for 12 yards to the C-WHALL38, 1ST DOWN C-WHALL (Cameron Sunkle).
C-whall 1-10on C-whall38W Blackshear rush for no gain to the C-WHALL38 (Deon Williams).
C-whall 2-10on C-whall38Raymell Byrd pass incomplete.
C-whall 3-10on C-whall38Raymell Byrd pass incomplete to John Stuckey.
C-whall 4-10on C-whall38Raymell Byrd punt 17 yards to the MASS45, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 11 plays, 21 yards, TOP 4:40
Mass 1-10on Mass45MASSILLON drive start at 05:16.
Mass 1-10on Mass45Zach Catrone pass complete to Jayden Ballard for 55 yards to the C-WHALL0, 1ST DOWN MASS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:07.
Alex Bauer kick attempt failed (blocked) (blocked by J Blackshear).
Massillon 23, C Whitehall-Yearling 17
 Drive: 1 play, 55 yards, TOP 0:09
Alex Bauer kickoff 43 yards to the C-WHALL17, out-of-bounds, C-WHALL ball on C-WHALL35.
C-whall 1-10on C-whall35C WHITEHALL-YEARLING drive start at 05:07.
C-whall 1-10on C-whall35Raymell Byrd rush for 1 yard to the C-WHALL36 (Kyshad Mack).
C-whall 2-9on C-whall36Raymell Byrd pass incomplete to W Blackshear (Ben Krichbaum).
C-whall 3-9on C-whall36Raymell Byrd pass incomplete to John Stuckey (Deon Williams).
C-whall 4-9on C-whall36Raymell Byrd punt 25 yards to the MASS39, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, 1 yard, TOP 0:55
Mass 1-10on Mass39MASSILLON drive start at 04:12.
Mass 1-10on Mass39Zach Catrone pass incomplete to Jayden Ballard (J Blackshear).
Mass 2-10on Mass39Zach Catrone rush for loss of 5 yards to the MASS34.
Mass 3-15on Mass34Zach Catrone pass complete to Dean Clark for 18 yards to the C-WHALL48, 1ST DOWN MASS (Arjai Burress;S-B Singleton).
Mass 1-10on C-whall48Jamir Thomas rush for 1 yard to the C-WHALL47 (Isaiah Oney).
Mass 2-9on C-whall47Jamir Thomas rush for 8 yards to the C-WHALL39 (Nikai Cameron).
Mass 3-1on C-whall39Jamir Thomas rush for no gain to the C-WHALL39 (Keon Freeman).
Mass 4-1on C-whall39Jamir Thomas rush for 3 yards to the C-WHALL36, 1ST DOWN MASS (Isaiah Oney).
Mass 1-10on C-whall36Zach Catrone pass complete to Nick Liebler for no gain to the C-WHALL36.
 Drive: 8 plays, 25 yards, TOP 4:26
Massillon 23, C Whitehall-Yearling 17